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                If you have any fish pictures, please send them to me.

        Here is a few pics: (Click on picture to see the picture enlarged)

  Fish caught in 2003



Six pounder from Bastrop 11-9-03
6 # next to 15" flounder
Tim and Danny Wiggs
August 2003 Day 1 Trip
Tim and Danny Wiggs
August 2003 Next Day Trip
Tim and Larry Thompson
Christmas Bay 11-9-03



with Ron Dippel, David Allen, Kent Bollick, Mac Keeter, Tim Seidler
Captian "Pizza" aka Lewis Peetz

Fair stringer His name is "Black Dog" Fun time
Fajita fixings Fixing to leave ramp Camera man falling towards water view
Just unloaded Preparing fajitas Pier view from porch
Pete's House Ron hypnotizing  Mac Dave's 28"
Most of the crew Crew again, changed photographers Mac
Mac Attack, Kents saying
"wheres my fish"
Salute to the old fishing hole  

Other Photos

How you doing Red


Reds 11-3-01


4th July 2001

4th July 2001 Richie, 4-12-02 Jason 4-12-02
Big Ass flounders (8.2#) Christmas Bay on 5-25-02 1990 Star Trout
Would have won STAR Memorial Weekend caught by Tim & Tom
1991 James & Dad 1990 Tim, James & Tom  


Good time, I'll tell you.  
Nice redfish!
fish3.jpg (37124 bytes)
See the bait in Reds mouth
randy.jpg (45199 bytes)
Randy Sue 
randy_tim.jpg (51708 bytes)
 Randy & Tim  
steve.jpg (78298 bytes)
    Steve Cary
timfish1.jpg (53781 bytes)
  Fairly good day   
fish10.jpg (17971 bytes)
Come here baby...
Nice Stringer Mike
davefish3.jpg (243264 bytes)
Dave says let drink some beer


davefish1.jpg (248602 bytes)
Dave I believe its a keeper
davefish2.jpg (263800 bytes) 
Looks like Dave's red
Susan' Bigin
Charlie's Double
davefish4.jpg (343955 bytes)
Dave's Super Red