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Welcome to Seidler's Landing

About Us

Our store utilizes PayPal for requesting payments. If there is something you would like to order that isn't displayed, please send us an e-mail.. We only make shipments in the US.(no international orders)

What We Do?
TAZ Co. strives to supply the top quality and most preferred tackle and marine products.

Our Business History?
I have over 40 years of fishing experience in the inland bays between West Galveston Bay, 40 miles to West Matagorda Bay. There are some gentleman that really contributed to me being as interested in such a great outdoor activity as fishing, and those guys would be my dad, Jim Seidler and his brother John. We been selling spas and swimming supplies for over 20 years. The metal building products are our newest addition that we can offer.

About Our Staff?
My friend, Sherri and I are the founders of TAZ Co. and we are wanting to help you get that certain item at the best price available. We can do this since we have virtually any overhead cost.

What Makes Us Unique?
Our company believes in getting top notch supplies for our customers and passing on the savings that others can't offer due to high overhead cost.

Contact Information
Telephone: (979)-285-5832

Mailing Address:

    2000 Brazosport Blvd. N.
    Richwood, Tx. 77531
General Information: